"HOW TO REMOVE A YELP REVIEW," 5 Steps to Remove, Destroy, and Bury Bad Reviews Before They Can Harm Your Business

Dean Mignola

Dean works with business owners who are tired of wasting money on advertising and marketing that doesn’t work for their local business.

He helps them leverage the power of 5-star online reviews to attract more customers and clients, grow their business, and become the preeminent market leader in their local area, so that they can make a lot more money, and enjoy the security, respect, and lifestyle that comes from owning a true 5-star business.

"Our cafe sales were flat and I was feeding that business every month to cover expenses. Dean came highly recommended but we were still skeptical. We're not skeptical any more. Our traffic and revenue more than doubled in seven months."

"We typically get leads from referrals and repeat business from our happy clients. Thanks to Dean, online reviews have opened up a whole new source of excellent clients for us. A five-star review is like a referral that continually brings us more business."

"We're so busy we just hired another termite inspector to keep up with the demand. We don't spend money on advertising. People find us online. When we ask them why they called, they always give the same answer, You've got great reviews!"